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Preparation is one of the key disciplines to master in multi sport. Athletes prepare their bodies to endure distances, weather and speed. They prepare their minds with determination, motivation, sportsmanship and passion. They prepare their gear days in advance hoping that it will keep up with their efforts. After all that preparation it would also be good to know where to go during the race, right?


Dont worry, we got you covered. In this section we have maps of the race circuits used by Aruba Triathlon Association in Aruba. this will give you insight in the course and make you feel more secure on race day. The courses are only monitoired for traffic on race day, so if athletes would like to use the courses for practice, be aware of traffic and kindly follow the rules of the road.

Boca Catalina Circuit – Location: Boca Catalina, Malmok, Bakval, Arashi

Arashi Beach Circuit – Location: Arashi, Cudarebe

Eagle Beach Circuit – Location; Eagle Beach, Palm Beach

Rogers Beach Circuit –  Rogers Beach, Colony

New race courses will be updated here. Special courses or changes to existing will be announced separately.

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