Point System

Oh yes, we’ve been keeping score.
Not only do we have all your results logged in the results section, we are keeping track of how you did in all the ATA events for the entire year!
We have created a point system for sprint and super sprint distances where athletes will earn points based on their finishing position our races. The points give you an overview of the overall ranking of all participants. It’s great! All in the name of progress!

How it works.
The ATA point system is very straight forward. Athletes can earn points by participating and finishing sprint distance(adults) and super sprint distance (kids) races. Points are awarded to every athlete that participates in one of our sprint or super sprint races, and finishes 12th place or lower. The amount of points awarded depends on the position the athlete finishes in, as can be seen in the below table.

Got points, now what?
The Aruba Triathlon Association sends out a group of athletes every year to participate in a triathlon outside of Aruba, along with one of our experienced coaches.
This will give our athletes an international race experience and allow them to test their skills against athletes from all around the world. ATA will cover travel, accommodation, race entry and some other costs for the group and their gear. The location of the race abroad varies and is announced every year when we have selected an appropriate race for our athletes.

Who is selected depends on the ranking of our athletes throughout the year. This is where the ATA point system comes in. There is one adult group and one kids group which can consist of 2 to 4 athletes. We try to spread out the age group of the athletes to get representation in each category.

2015 ranking
ATA – Point System Overview – Final 2015

2016 ranking
ATA – Point System Overview – Final 2016

2017 ranking
ATA – Point System Overview – Final 2017

2018 ranking

ATA-Point System Overview – Final 2018

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